Shopping Club Graphics & Words

Shopping Club Graphics & Words

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So you know all about direct sales shopping clubs!  

You're looking for fresh new customizable graphics and the words to keep the club in front of customers all year long to drive membership!  You're in the right place.

This Graphics & Words bundle includes:

  • 10 pages of sample words to keep The Club in front of your customers all year long!  You'll never run out of ideas. You'll have a fresh new post every week of the month to entice new Club members!
  • 14 clean eye-catching graphics to drive interest in The Club!  Make them your own or use the pre-designed options for Thirty-One, Pampered Chef or Norwex.  You'll use these over and over again.

Looking for more? Step up to the full Shopping Club Bundle!

The full Shopping Club Bundle includes:

  • A 5-Part video training series to laying out my best success tips with shopping clubs, including who to invite, how to set up the club and my behind the scenes tricks when you don't have the exact number of members to form a club.
  • A template to create a welcome letter/contract for new members
  • FAQ template!  A webpage template to add your details and share with customers who have questions about The Club!
  • Real life examples of how I talked about The Club in parties, on social and personal messages. All the words to get started!
  • Real life examples of inside scoop to share with Club members!
  • How to ask club members to place their order or ask if they would like to add on a party.
  • Discount coupons - an extra perk for returning members
  • Seasonal gifting occasion document to include in Club Member packets to help them build their list.
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