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Summer Success Squad

Summer Success Squad

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We all cherish the flexibility our business offers. But come summer, that flexibility can pull us in different directions—family time or business time? We dream of lazy days by the pool and exciting vacations without fretting over our paychecks. But let’s face it, many of our team members get caught up in their summer fun, and their business becomes a back burner project. Before we know it, they've taken a break, and come fall, it's easier for them to quit than restart. Yikes! I've been there, done that, and I know exactly how it feels.

Introducing the Summer Success Squad  a crystal-clear roadmap for the summer. We’re going to inspire your team to set summer goals, plan their schedules, and implement fresh, exciting sales ideas. This way, they'll stay consistent, earn that much-needed summer paycheck, and be raring to go in the fall!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a fun and productive summer!

With the Summer Success Squad, you'll step into the season with a solid plan, eager for what’s to come, and ready to enjoy some beach time. 

The Summer Success Squad Package includes:

  • Customizable Graphics: 15+ themed graphics to introduce the Summer Success Squad to your team and keep the fun going all summer long.
  • Social Media Posts: Pre-written posts to keep your Summer Success Squad active and engaging on social media throughout the summer.
  • Celebration Points: Strategies to celebrate your team’s achievements and keep them motivated and focused on their goals.
  • Bundle Code for Project Broadcast: Exclusive messages to invite your team members to join the Summer Success Squad and continually encourage them all summer long.
  • Kick-Off Event Outline: A detailed outline for a kick-off event to help your team members lay out a plan for success and set their summer goals.
  • Recorded Masterclass: Access to a recorded masterclass with comprehensive details about the Summer Success Squad program, ensuring you have all the information you need to implement the strategies effectively.

Walk away with all the tools you need to engage your team and maximize your paycheck this summer!

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