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Team Party Week

Team Party Week

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Team Party Week is all about getting your team into action –focusing everyone on one big goal to build excitement and momentum. You could pull this out and put it into play any week of the year.

Team Party Week is the perfect strategy to put into play at the end of a slow month, to launch a new catalog season or to bridge between season.  Personally, we run Team Party Week every January. We've used this program for six years running and the results get bigger and bigger every year.

Ramp it up, use all the pieces and you'll build team volume, add new team members and increase everyone's paycheck!

Have a shorter runway? Use the basics and save the fancy stuff for later.  Ready to go all in and use all the bells and whistles? I walk you through every step and show you exactly what I've done.


  • A complete video training series
  • Sample words for your posts
  • Personal team messages
  • 26 eye-catching graphics templates
  • A survey template to register your hostesses
  • Bonus: Party patrol training to ramp up sponsoring

You'll be building energy and momentum with your team in no time!

➡️ Upon order confirmation, you'll receive an email to access the Team Party Week training and resources on the Leading Socially Training Hub. Watch your email for access!

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